More About Me
I have always been passionate about real estate and how every transaction is truly inspiring, unique and life-changing for the buyer, agent, and seller. It is this love that drove me to become a professional realtor who constantly strives to facilitate informed decisions as an advisor and a friend with the aim to make an impact in the industry by helping my clients gain the financial freedom that comes with homeownership. Having been in the industry for so long and having studied its dynamics, I am able to understand the needs of my clients and the nature of the market well enough to guarantee smooth and stress-free transactions. Prior to being a realtor, I had years of experience as a Medical Assistant in Hospital and Private Office settings. Before this, I worked as a Secretary/Assistant to Rockaway Chambers of Commerce and a private Business Development Office where I handled corporate seasonal sales and accountability. My unique combination of experience and knowledge has given me client service skills that are necessary to handle any transaction as well as the compassion that allows me to connect to my clients easily. Though I am always serious when it comes to negotiating, I also work tirelessly to make the selling and the buying process fun as well. I'm able to achieve success by paying attention to every detail and truly listening to all of my clients' needs. Whether a buyer or seller, you will appreciate my competence, knowledge, experience, determination, integrity, and honesty. As a homeowner, I understand that every family deserves a beautiful home and I'll go above and beyond to make their dreams come true.